Top 4 Service Truck Crane Manufacturers


Cranes are frequently used in the construction and logistics industry to maneuver heavy cargo. 

Generally, a crane uses a system of cables to hoist items that aren’t realistic for laborers to move.

There are numerous cranes designed to operate under different circumstances. These cranes include various tower cranes, rough terrain cranes, and telescopic cranes.

Nonetheless, in this article, we will focus on the portable service truck crane.

Service truck cranes are adaptable to a wide range of jobs, can safely travel on highways, and still hoist a significant amount of weight.

There is a wealth of truck crane manufacturers on the market that produce dependable and high-quality cranes.

However, there is only a select few that industry veteran Drake Equipment trusts to get the job done right every time. Check out the top services crane truck manufacturers from Drake Equipment, and get hauling!

Check Out These Top Truck Crane Manufacturers!

1. Venturo Manufacturing

Get the most out of your investment with a Venturo Manufacturing service truck crane. Venturo produces a variety of truck cranes, including hydraulic, electric-hydraulic, and electric light-duty cranes. With a wide range of invaluable solutions, Venturo excels beyond the competition as an industry leader prioritizing quality, craftsmanship, and durability.

2. Palfinger

Truck crane manufacturer, Palfinger, develops state-of-the-art service truck cranes. It’s electric and hydraulic cranes feature wireless proportional controls, single-weld hexagonal booms, and are E-Coated to prevent rust for years to comes. Safety is paramount and all of Palfinger’s cranes exceed ASME and OSHA standards. Get the job done in record time with a reliable Palfinger service truck crane! 

3. Auto Crane

Auto Crane has been an industry leader since its start in 1958. In fact, they invented the very first mobile field service crane, which launched an entirely new industry. Today, Auto Crane continues to create innovative truck cranes that aim to lighten your workload, increase productivity, and keep you safe on the job. Auto Crane’s reliable service is based in Oklahoma.

4. IMT

IMT is a world-class producer of high-performance and reliable solutions. IMT manufactures an extensive line of electric and hydraulic truck cranes with the consumer in mind. Each product is carefully developed to deliver unparalleled quality and enduring value to make each job effortless.

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There are a variety of factors that need to be taken into consideration beyond your particular line of work. Cranes have differing capacities, extensions, and load requirements that must be followed to operate the crane appropriately.

Proudly located in Arizona, Drake Equipment is a leading distributor of the top service truck crane manufacturers. And, since 1937, it has provided clients superior service choosing the appropriate truck crane—whether your a contractor, utility company, government agency, or small business owner.

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