Top 5 Dump Truck Body Manufacturers

Dump truck bodies make it possible for you to load and unload heavy materials. Without a dump truck body, trucks wouldn’t be able to carry such heavy materials. For example, landscapers use dump truck bodies to transfer rocks and gravel, among other things.

However, if you want a quality dump truck body, you have to find a quality dump truck manufacturer. Here are the top five dump truck manufacturers to choose from!

Check Out These Top Dump Truck Body Manufacturers!

1. Drake Equipment

Drake Equipment is one of the leading manufacturers of dump bodies. Whether you need fleet solutions or simple truck equipment, Drake Equipment can help contractors, utility companies, school districts, government agencies, and small businesses. With their top of the line products and services, Drake Equipment helps you maintain and operate your dump bodies safely, quickly, and cost-effectively.

This number one truck body manufacturer works locally in Arizona and manufactures dump bodies on site. Their quality control facility tests all equipment and vehicles prior to delivery to ensure customer satisfaction.

You won’t receive better service or better equipment anywhere else! Contact Drake Equipment today to learn more!

2. Henderson

Henderson is widely known for its innovative products and dedication to quality. The manufacturer builds an array of products like snow plows and hitches. In fact, Henderson is a municipal snow and ice industry leader! More importantly, Henderson builds reliable dump bodies that are customizable to improve user convenience and safety. 

3. Rugby Manufacturing

Founded in 1969, Rugby Manufacturing is manufacturer of Class 3-7 dump truck bodies, and other truck body components. Rugby operates in its founding facility creating exceptional products that are tested for grit. Additionally, Rugby focuses heavily on sustainability. Over the years, Rugby has modified its production standards to create a leaner, more efficient operational footprint.


4. Intercon Truck Equipment

Since 1991, Intercon Truck Equipment has provided reliable products and services to ensure each customer receives the best dump truck body possible. Intercon Truck Equipment distributes, installs, and custom manufactures truck bodies. They are a one-stop-shop for all your truck equipment needs. They have the knowledge, craftsmanship, and expertise to provide you with the best quality truck bodies around.

5. Beau-Roc Inc

Beau-Roc Inc combines efficient processes with high-quality, customizable materials. Their unique integration of engineering and computer-assisted production makes their services seamless. In addition to class 3-8 dump truck bodies, Beau-Roc can build custom contractor, landscaper, multi-purpose, stainless steel, and chipper bodies.

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With so many great dump truck body manufacturers to choose from, you’ll be sure to get the best dump truck body possible. Be sure to contact one of these truck body manufacturers today to get started!