We've been providing Quality Trailers and Bodies for over 90 years!

Roy F. Drake Body and Equipment Company, Incorporated was started in the early 1900s as Shotwell-Dempster which operated until 1937 at which time the company became Dempster-Drake.

In 1942 Drake and Dempster split and has been owned and operated by the Drake family since that time.

Our customers are the mainstay of this business and many of our customers have been with us since Mr. Drake began doing business. We maintain the highest commitment to customer satisfaction, knowledgeable staff and quality throughout the company; thus all employees are expected to perform and present themselves as though they are the company.

Today Drake Equipment is owned and operated by the 3rd generation and has 2 different locations to serve you better.In 1993, Drake Equipment opened a new store in Phoenix, AZ with 7 acres of land with 56,000 square foot building. Then in 1999, another Drake went up in Las Vegas, NV with about an acre of land.