Where to Buy a Flatbed for Your Truck

Flatbeds are the most common and versatile truck body type that can be used across a wide range of industries.

Truck flatbeds are highly customizable and ideal for hauling large items that wouldn’t fit in the typical truck body or trailer.

There are numerous places that you can find a flatbed for your truck. Drake Equipment is one of the industry leaders and best in value and quality.

Learn about where to find a flatbed for your truck with industry experts Drake Equipment and take one step closer to making a valuable investment into your company.

3 Places to Find a Truck Flatbed

Inquire High-Achieving Manufacturers

Your first option is to purchase directly from the manufacturer, which has various advantages.

For instance, shopping with the manufacturer is often more cost-efficient than buying from distributors, since they save on retail space costs and other fees. There may even be specialty options that aren’t available elsewhere.

If you decide to shop with a manufacturer, United Truck Bodies has over fifty years of experience designing, engineering, and producing high-quality American flatbeds and utility bodies.

With dependable products and innovative designs, United Truck Bodies is a tested and trusted manufacturer. They produce UTB flatbeds, contractor flatbeds, and barricade flatbeds.

Purchase from a Top Distributor

In contrast to manufacturers, distributors are often one-stop shops that have everything you need in one place, making shopping simple and easy.

Moreover, distributors typically have multiple manufacturer products, allowing you to do some comparison shopping to find the right product for you.

For those reasons, many people order from a distributor rather than a manufacturer. We’ve compiled a list of top flatbed distributors for you to consider:

1. Drake Equipment AZ

Drake Equipment is the best one-stop-shop for custom or standard truck flatbeds. Their flatbeds can be tailored to your needs, with optional accessories for welding equipment, concrete, or side stakes to make your job run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Website: Drake Equipment AZ

Location: 2235 S. 19th Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85009

2. Drake Equipment NV

Drake Equipment has a second location in Nevada, a state away from their first. At this location, you will find the same options for designing your top-quality standard or custom flatbed.

Website: Drake Equipment NV

Location: 3527 Civic Center Dr. North Las Vegas, NV 89030

3. Simpson Tool Box of Phoenix

Simpson Tool Box is another top distributor of truck flatbeds. Like Drake Equipment, they also offer many truck accessories for you to use on the job.

Website: Simpson Tool Box



2440 W McDowell Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85009


1030 S Mesa Dr, Mesa, AZ 85210

4. Truck Fellas

Website: Truck Fellas

Location: 516 S 1325 W St, Orem, UT 84058

5. Mastercraft Truck Equipment, Inc.

Mastercraft Truck Equipment, Inc. has over thirty years of experience installing flatbeds. They work directly with manufacturers to get the flatbed you need, and they then install the flatbed of your choice.

Website: Mastercraft Truck Equipment, Inc.

Location: 2261 W Cornell Ave, Englewood, CO 80110

Purchase a Used Vehicle

Instead of adding a flatbed to your truck, you also have the option of purchasing an already built flatbed truck. Used trucks are often much cheaper than purchasing a new one. However, because they are already built, you aren’t able to customize your flatbed. If you wish to purchase a used flatbed truck, you can find them on classified ad sites, eBay auctions, a car sales website, or your local newspaper.

Purchase a Flatbed for Your Truck Today!

Now that you know where to find a flatbed for your truck, it’s time to decide where you are going to purchase one.

While manufacturers and used trucks are always an option, your only one-stop flatbed solution is with a top distributor.

When you work with Drake Equipment, you are guaranteed the fastest industry lead times. More than that, they have been offering superior service since 1937, giving them over eighty years of experience producing truck equipment and fleet solutions.

Contact Drake Equipment today to get started!

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