5 Types of Utility Bed Locks to Lock Up Tools

Are you unsure which utility bed lock you should get?

Perhaps you would like to replace your utility bed locks for sturdier, more secure ones that will keep your tools safe. Or maybe you are planning on designing your own utility body, but aren’t sure which locks you should get.

Well, you’re in luck because we’ve compiled a list of the types of utility bed locks that will keep your tools safe!

Which Type of Utility Bed Lock Should You Use?

1. T-Handle

T-handles are some of the most common locking systems and often come as the standard lock for utility beds.

These latches come with a variety of options. For example, you can get locking or non-locking, different grips, single or double-bitted key cylinders, key cylinder covers, gaskets, mounting options, and more.

Typically, the standard t-handles have a two-point locking system. However, Drake Equipment offers a special three-point locking system that goes above and beyond the industry standard!

2. Internal Lock Bar With Key Cylinder

Internal lock bars with key cylinders use a standard lock and key system. These locks are very secure and difficult to break in to, helping to keep your tools safe at all times.

3. Paddle Latch

Paddle latches are most commonly used for tool boxes. These locks have a “paddle” that you lift to open the door after you’ve unlocked the tool box with your key. These locks come in different sizes and designs and are a good option for cabinet doors.

4. D-Ring Handles

D-ring handles are very similar to t-handles. However, these utility bed locks have a ring you rotate to open the doors rather than a handle or latch.

While not all D-ring handles have a lock-and-key mechanism, you can still get a locking D-ring as an option. Paddle latches tend to be more secure, though.

5. Locks Wired to Your Key Fob

Last but not least, if you want a more high-tech lock for your utility bed, you can wire your utility bed lock to your key fob. This way, you don’t have to struggle with a key every time you want to use your tools.

While these locks take a little more time to install, they are ultimately the most practical and easy to use lock. You can even choose a lock listed above, such as the t-handle, and wire it to your key fob.

Design Your Utility Body with the Locks You Want!

If you are looking to build a standard or completely custom utility body, Drake Equipment is your go-to one-stop-shop!

Drake Equipment offers all the locks listed above and can even wire your utility bed locks to your key fob. If you are going for the standard T-handle lock, our three-point locking system is not only top of the line, but it’s exclusive to us—most competitors use two-point locking systems.

Moreover, while all of Drake Equipment’s truck bodies are available for shipment and installation across the country, each one of our truck bodies is made locally in Arizona. In fact, we have the fastest industry lead times, advanced quality control standards, and superior customer service.

To order your utility bed locks or design a custom utility bed, contact Drake Equipment today!

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