Types of Truck Ladder Racks

Optimize the space in your truck with a truck ladder rack. On the job, space is limited, and time is valuable. Truck ladder racks are an efficient use of space and make loading and unloading ladders easy.

However, with different kinds of trucks and various sizes of ladders, it’s important to find the truck ladder rack that suits your needs. Check out this list of types of truck ladder racks to find out which is best for you!

Your Complete Guide to Types of Truck Ladder Racks!

Truck Bed Mounted

A truck bed mounted rack attaches to bed rails of the pickup truck bed. The frame extends the entire width and length of the truck, which makes it possible to carry multiple ladders at once. Additionally, many truck bed mounted racks can support up to 1,000 pounds. Therefore, if you need a sturdy rack that can bear extra weight, this may be the rack for you!

One of the leading truck bed mounted racks is the Kargo Master Pro III. This full size, fully adjustable ladder rack has durable fourteen-inch long mounting plates to distribute loads over wide areas.

Or, consider a Drake fully welded ladder rack for additional strength and capacity with a removable rear bar so you can still load tall items.

Side Mounted

For fully loaded trucks, you may need to get crafty with your truck bed storage ideas. Side-mounted racks are great for optimizing your limited space. Managing to support up five hundred pounds, side-mounted ladder racks are a foolproof solution to space restrictions.

Roof Top Mounted

Rooftop-mounted racks attach to vehicles that are equipped with factory rain gutters. In addition, there are some models, like Thule sport rack systems, that attach to vehicles without rain gutters. Even more, many commercial rooftop-mounted racks come with drop-down features so you can easily access your tools.

Rooftop-mounted racks are great options for many people. Nonetheless, there are some drawbacks to consider. It’s important to note that most rooftop-mounted truck racks are made for vans and other vehicles without truck beds, such as the Model 210-3 Safari Van Rack. This is because it’s more efficient to attach a roof-mounted truck to a van rather than a truck. Additionally, rooftop-mounted racks generally don’t support as much weight as truck bed mounted ones.

Truck Cap Mounted

Truck cap mounted racks attach to fiberglass, aluminum, or commercial truck bed caps, extending the length of the truck roof. Typically, these racks are only a factory-installed option but can be added at a later date. Additionally, many of these racks are permanent installations, and few can be removed.

The load that truck cap mounted racks carry vary widely—anywhere from 65 to 400 pounds. Therefore, when shopping for truck cap mounted racks, be sure that the one you choose will support the weight of your ladder.

Have a special need? We can custom fabricate any size ladder rack!

Free Standing

Freestanding racks are unique because they allow you to utilize space in your truck bed, rather than mount ladders on top or side of your truck. Rather, they help support ladders and other long objects while keeping the bed free of bulky items. The Kargo Master Econo Rack - Single, for instance, is a fully adjustable free standing rack that can fit all car models.

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