Types of Mounted Service Truck Cranes

If you work at a job that requires you to lift materials that weigh thousands of pounds, you probably need a mounted service truck crane.

These cranes allow you to lift and lower heavy materials with optimal maneuverability. Additionally, mounted service truck cranes attach to the back of your truck body, allowing you to take the crane with you wherever you go.

A mounted service truck cran reduces the need for additional equipment on jobs. Over time, this can help you save time and money.

In the end, purchasing a mounted service truck crane is an investment in your business. But what type of mounted service truck crane is right for you?

We’ve compiled a list of all the different types of mounted service truck cranes to help you decide which one you need for your particular business. Find out which crane is right for you!

Find Out Which Mounted Service Truck Crane is Right for You!


Telescopic cranes operate using a boom, which is made from various sized tubes that fit inside each other. The crane works by extending and contracting those tubes, similarly to how a classic telescope would “open” or “close.”

Moreover, telescopic cranes can be powered by an electric or hydraulic system. Here are the two types of telescopic cranes:

Electric Telescopic

Electric telescopic cranes are some of the most cost-effective on the market. They operate using an electricals system that controls the tubes’ length. They are good options for workers who don’t need to lift anything over 2,000-6,000 pounds, which is usually the weight limit for electric telescopic cranes.

However, this crane is only a good option for individuals who do not need to lift constantly. Electric telescopic cranes can degrade if they are overused.

Therefore, if you only need a crane for lightweight lifts and seldom use, an electric telescopic crane may be perfect for you. However, if you need a more heavy-duty option, you may consider purchasing a hydraulic telescopic or articulated crane.

Hydraulic Telescopic

Hydraulic telescopic cranes operate using a hydraulic power mechanism, enabling them to lift as much as 6,000-14,000 pounds. Additionally, these cranes can often reach as high as 80-200 feet, allowing you to reach most objects.

Hydraulic telescopic cranes are some of the most common on the market because they can lift most objects. These cranes are much stronger than electric telescopic cranes and are ideal if you are planning to use the crane more frequently.

Overall, hydraulic telescopic cranes are a sturdier option for most jobs because they can lift heavier objects, reach farther, and last longer than electric telescopic cranes.

However, it is important to ensure your truck is equipped for this type of crane as they are much larger and more expensive than electric cranes.


Articulated cranes are some of the most robust on the market. If your job requires you to lift object heavier than 14,000 pounds frequently, articulated cranes could be the option you need. In fact, many of these cranes can lift more than 35,000 pounds.

Articulated cranes differ from telescopic cranes by the way they move. While telescopic cranes have interconnecting tubes that extend and contract, articulated cranes operate with joint-like maneuverability. In other words, these cranes bend and fold like a knuckle.

Because these cranes can fold inward, they can be much more compact and easy to store than telescopic cranes. They are also more lightweight than other types of cranes and easier to operate.

Furthermore, articulated cranes can be operated using gas, battery, or diesel fuel.

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