5 Truck Lift Gate Types


A lift gate is a platform on the back of a truck that can raise and lower items using a hydraulic system. They allow users to move heavy equipment into and out of the truck with ease.

Truck lift gates are some of the most important pieces of equipment you can have on your truck. A quality lift gate can increase productivity, reduce the amount of manpower needed to load and unload trucks, and make loading and unloading safer.

However, before purchasing a truck lift gate, it’s important to learn about the different types. This way, you can purchase one that will suit your on-the-job needs!

Below, we’ve compiled a list of five different truck lift gate types. Keep reading to find out which is right for you!

Check Out These Truck Lift Gate Types!

1. Conventional

Conventional truck lifts are the most common type of truck lift gates. These models rest in an upright position, storing flush against the door of the truck body. Some models will even act as the door to the truck body so that when you unfold and lower the gate, the door is thus open.

2. Rail Gate

Rail gates are often more durable and stable than other gates and thus are ideal for bulk deliveries and wheeled cargo. When considering a rail gate vs. lift gate, it’s always a good idea to think about what you will be loading and where.

For instance, a rail gate is appropriate for dock and street deliveries. Rail gates may come equipped with a cart stop or retention ramp, which are important when you lift wheel-based cargo. Many rail gates also can drop down to a non-obstructive position, which allows users to load and unload at both a raised level and at ground level.

3. Tuckaway

Tuckaways, otherwise known as tuck-under or fold away lift gates, are welded to the frame of the truck chassis and have two or three folding sections. In other words, tuckaway lift gates can fold to a smaller size do not cover the truck body door as a conventional or rail gate lift would. Rather, the tuckaway lift gate is folded down and stored underneath the truck body.

The fold-away option is best for individuals who would like access to the back of their truck without having to activate the lift gate. Like rail gate lifts, tuckaway lift gates also can come with a cart stop or retention ramp to aid in loading and unloading wheeled equipment.

4. Pickup

Pickup lift gates are ideal for pickup trucks and service bodies, only lifting light to medium loads. However, if you do not plan on lifting heavy or high-quantity loads, the pickup option may be perfect for you. Firstly, pickup lift gates are easy to use and safe. Secondly, they can be much more cost-effective than other lift types.

5. Side Loader

Last but not least, side loaders are very similar to tuckaway gate lifts. However, instead of folding under the body of the truck body, a side loader mounts just below the side door of a truck body. These lift gate types can be mounted either on the frame or body of a truck.

Find the Best Lift Gate for You!

Now that you know all about truck lift gate types, you’re ready to purchase one that will work best for your work.

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