Guide to Truck Body Types

Customized to make your work truck profitable business tool, truck bodies are assemblies that attach to your truck. They ensure your job is done effectively and efficiently, giving you the tools you need to complete the tasks you need.

However, there are different kinds of truck bodies to choose from. Which is right for your unique needs? Find out with this guide to truck body types!

Your Complete Guide to Truck Body Types!

Flatbed Truck Bodies

flatbed truck bodies

Flatbeds are the most common and versatile. You can add side, toolboxes, tanks, hitches, and customize to your particular business.

Additionally, because of its wide, flat surface area, flatbeds are great for hauling large materials. To transport the materials, you can tie them down with rope or sheets.

In other words, flatbeds are perfect for transport and acquiring add-ons.

Dump Bodies

Dump Bodies

Dump bodies are often used in landscaping and demolition jobs. Dump bodies have a large payload. This allows you to easily load the truck with materials, transport it, and then dump it with a push of a button.

The benefit of dump bodies? They transport a large amount of material and easily unload it quickly.

A dump body is capable of carrying heavy materials that would otherwise damage other truck bodies or beds. For example, they can carry a truckload of rocks that would otherwise be too heavy for any other type of truck.

Utility Bodies

Utility Bodies

Utility bodies are ideal for several jobs performed by tradesmen and tradeswomen. These truck bodies have a large bed for transporting materials and are lined with many storage compartments. This way, you can store all your tools and equipment in an organized way. Additionally, most utility bodies come with locks to keep storage spaces secure and your tools safe.

Refrigerated Truck Bodies

Refrigerated truck bodies are ideal for anyone transporting items in a temperature-regulated environment. These truck body types are typically found in the food industry. However, it can be costly to operate a refrigerated truck body, especially if you need it regularly. Sometimes the refrigerator itself must be powered by a separate engine than the truck.



Cranes are an optional attachment to enhance a service utility truck body. Different types of cranes can be added to vans and other types of truck bodies.

How To Buy a Truck Body

Now that you know all about truck body types, it’s time for you to purchase the one that you need for your business as needed.

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