5 Truck Bed Storage Ideas


If you drive a pickup, then you’re probably familiar with the constant disorganization and clutter that comes with a pickup. For this reason, truck bed storage is the best way to optimize space, secure items, and allow easy access.

Before you hit the marketplace, learn about these five truck bed storage ideas to spruce up your space, and maximize storage.

5 Truck Bed Storage Ideas to Maximize Your Space

1. Swing Case

Access frequently used tools without reaching over or climbing into your truck bed. A truck bed swing case is an expertly designed storage unit that sits near the tailgate and swings out for easy access.

In addition to easy access, many versatile swing cases allow the user to remove the unit and take their tools with them. Protect your gear in a durable swing case to organize your tools.

2. Tailgate Bed Extender

Whether your hauling timber, motorbikes, or pipes, you—like many others—will fast recognize that the typical truck bed won’t cut it. A truck bed extender will allow you to take advantage of every last square inch of space.

A tailgate bed extender is a U-shaped cagelike contraption that attaches to the rear of a truck bed. The truck bed extender utilizes the space of an open tailgate. Whether you need more storage space or more organized storage space, a truck bed extender is a great option.

3. Cargo Bag

Cargo bags and nets can be mounted anywhere in the bed of your truck. The durable bags or nets usually have multiple compartments, making it easy to organize your gear and keep them from sloshing around in your truck bed.

The bags still leave plenty of room in your truck bed for you to store other pieces of equipment. At the same time, groceries, tools, and smaller hardware will stay organized in compact spaces.

4. Cargo Bar

Compartmentalize your tools and devices with cargo bars. Cargo bars are adjustable rods that extend from one end of the bed to the other, keeping bins and appliances to one end of the truck bed.

For the most part, cargo bars are used to keep large, bulky items from sliding around your truck bed. This use can protect your truck bed from scratches and dents.

5. Tool Box

Most truck bed tool boxes stretch across the bed of the truck, leaving you plenty of room in the rest of your truck bed for other equipment. In fact, toolboxes are the best way to store important equipment and tools in your truck bed.


For one, truck bed tool boxes come with a lock on the outside to protect your tools when you are not around. Additionally, most toolboxes are made with durability in mind. They can carry heavy tools and keep them safe, so you are prepared for any job sight.

Where Can You Buy the Best Quality Truck Bed?

With all these truck bed storage ideas, you’ll no doubt optimize space in your truck bed efficiently!

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