Landscape Truck Bodies vs. Trailer? Which is Best

Landscape trucks and trailers are standard in the landscaping business.

Not only are the standard, but a necessity for hauling cumbersome equipment and materials.

Let’s face it—the garden shears and mulch may fit in the truck bed. But, when it comes to transporting riding mowers and artificial turf, you’re going to need more reliable transportation.

So, which is best, landscape truck bodies or trailers?

Both are good options for hauling landscaping equipment. However, each has distinct advantages that can improve your landscaping project or make your workday a living nightmare.

Before you invest in your landscaping business, consider these advantages and disadvantages to determine which option is appropriate for your business.

Which is the Better Option for You? Landscape Bodies vs. Trailers

Landscape Truck Bodies

Landscape truck bodies are ideal for just about any landscaping job. There are a variety of truck bodies—like utility, dump, and flatbed bodies—that you can customize meet your landscape needs.

That’s not all, keep reading to learn about why so many people prefer the truck body over the trailer.


Asset Security

Without your tools, where would your business be today? Protect your business and secure your items when on a job site. Landscape utility truck bodies are outfitted with various organization compartments, which have built-in lock bars for security. The likelihood of your tools turning up missing is decreased. And, you can feel safe knowing that your important documents, tools, and materials are locked away as you work.

Company Image

The truck body poses a lucrative opportunity to advertise your business. Many landscaping companies design truck wraps with their logo and other graphics to place on the truck body. When done tastefully, customized designs can advertise your business and improve your company’s image.


As said before, there is a multitude of truck bodies. Storage will vary depending on the truck body that you opt for. Utility truck bodies offer the most customizable storage with different storage compartments and trunk space, allowing for exceptional organization.


Once bodies are attached to your truck chassis, they are not easily detachable. You’ll have to haul your body wherever you go, but you won’t have to spend valuable time hooking up and loading your truck body before setting off to the next job site.

All in all, landscape truck bodies are a valuable asset to any landscape company. Nonetheless, there is more to explore with trailers for landscaping.

Landscape trailers are versatile as they have an immense number of uses from a dump, landscape, flatbed, and enclosed trailers. Each type of trailer serves a specific purpose; however, can be adapted to your needs.


Asset Security

As you might guess, the traditional landscape trailer is not as secure as a landscape truck body. These may leave items open for theft. Nonetheless, the enclosed trailer alternative is a more secure option but may restrict the load that you can haul.

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Trailers are customizable; however, the amount of organizational storage that you can add on is limited. If you are hauling a multitude of tools, this can make your trailer look messy and unorganized—not the best appearance rolling up to a job site.


Like the landscape truck body, trailers are also customizable to suit your needs. Customization options are limited, but it can mean the difference between storing your toolbox in the front seat and tucking it away in a storage compartment.


Because of the landscape trailers wide open bed, you can haul a tremendous amount of materials—like artificial turf or riding lawn mowers. In other words, you aren’t limited to the enclosed compartments of a landscape truck body.

All in all, a landscape trailer is an advantageous option; however, it has drawbacks that may hurt your business endeavors.

Where is the Best Place to Purchase Landscape Truck Bodies and Trailers?

It’s important to assess your business’ needs to determine if you’d benefit from a landscape truck body or trailer. Consult industry experts Drake Equipment to find which is right for you.

Since 1937, Drake Equipment has been providing superior service, manufacturing utility bodies, dump bodies, flatbeds, and custom trailers. All their equipment is manufactured locally in Arizona, giving them the fastest lead times. If you would like a high-quality landscape truck body or a completely customizable trailer, this one-stop-shop for work-ready equipment is the place to go!

For more information on Drake Equipment’s products and services, contact them today or visit one of their stores in Arizona or Nevada.

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