Best 5 Ladder Racks for Trucks

The right ladder rack can maximize the space in your truck, make loading and unloading safer, and reduce the time it takes to load and unload your ladder.

The right ladder rack can thus be a great investment to increase efficiency when you are on the job!

We’ve compiled a list of the best ladder racks for trucks. Keep reading to find out which ladder will work best for you!

What are the Best Ladder Racks for Trucks?

1. Kargo Master Pro III

The Kargo Master Pro III is a fully adjustable, rugged option for those who are looking for a truckbed-mounted ladder rack. Truckbed-mounted ladder racks attach to the bed rails on a standard pickup truck.

Generally, these types of ladder racks can accommodate up to 1,000 pounds of weight!

The Kargo Master Pro III, in particular, has fourteen-inch long mounting plates that distribute weight over a large area. Additionally, it comes equipped with a removable rear crossbar that makes it easier to access the bed, rear grab handles that make it safer to load and unload, and an optional no-drill clamp-on mounting plates.

2. Single Locking Ladder Rack for Ford Transit

The Single Locking Ladder Rack is known for its ease of use and dependability.

Complete with a clamp and locking mechanism that secures the ladder in place, you won’t have to worry about your ladder being stolen or falling from the rack.

In addition, the rack mounts the ladder to the side of the vehicle, allowing users to easily and efficiently load and unload the ladder.

The best part about this ladder is its long-lasting design. With only one moving part, the ladder rack needs little to no maintenance. It is also zinc-plated and powder-coated to protect it from harsh weather. The Single Locking Ladder Rack is designed to last a lifetime!

3. Kargo Master Econo Rack

Kargo Master Econo Rack has a 250-pound load capacity and is designed to keep your truck bed free of bulky cargo. As a free standing ladder rack, you store part of the ladder in the bed rather than mount it to the side or top of the truck.

This fully adjustable free standing rack can fit all truck models without cutting it for size. Additionally, the zinc undercoat and the marine-grade powder coat epoxy finish ensures a durable rack that will last for years to come!

4. Kargo Master Horizontal Side Rack

If you would rather have a ladder rack that is easy to remove, the Kargo Master Horizontal Side Rack may be the one for you! The rack is easy to install and removable.

The high-strength mounting bases are adjustable to fit on any truck, and the support arms can extend eighteen to thirty-two inches in width.

With corrosion-resistant finish and fully-welded joints, the Horizontal Side Rack is ready to help you with any job!

5. A Custom Ladder Rack from Drake Equipment

Don’t see a ladder rack on this list that matches all your needs?

Drake Equipment can custom fabricate a ladder rack and customize it to your unique needs, on-site in Arizona!

Drake Equipment has the fastest industry lead times, allowing you to get your custom ladder rack in a fraction of the time other companies take.

But that doesn’t mean they cut any corners. In fact, Drake Equipment has a thorough quality control process to ensure your product is in perfect condition and ready for heavy-duty use.

Order Your Ladder Rack Today!

Whether you want one of the best ladder racks for trucks listed above or a completely custom one, Drake Equipment has everything you need!

Since 1937, Drake Equipment has been providing customers with the best customer service and the highest quality products.

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