How Our Vehicle Upfitting Process Works

Would you like to make your job run more smoothly? Vehicle upfitting will make your vehicle more efficient, practical, and safe.

But what does the vehicle upfitting process involve?

Here at Drake Equipment, we offer a truly unique vehicle upfitting process that involves in-house manufacturing, completely customizable truck bodies, and industry lead times.

Want to find out how we do it? Keep reading to learn all about our vehicle upfitting process and how you can customize your vehicle!

Your Guide to Our Unique Vehicle Upfitting Process

1. Consultation

Want to start your vehicle upfitting process? The first step of the process is a free consultation.

At Drake Equipment, every truck body is customizable, and, with an abundance of accessories, Drake Equipment can customize your truck body to your work needs.

Drake Equipment personnel will discuss the measurements of your vehicle, and type of truck body to determine the appropriate accessories that will best fit your work requirements.

After, you will receive a custom quote for your order.

2. Work Order

Vehicle Work Order

Once your order is placed, we take over—so, you can sit back and relax, knowing your order is in good hands!

Next, our on-site manufacturers verify the detailed work order. Because everything is done on-site, you won’t have to worry about your order getting lost, mismanaged, or misinterpreted.

At Drake Equipment, we make sure each order is communicated properly, so you get what you ordered!

3. Fabrication

Vehicle FabricationOur UTB partners have over fifty years of experience in engineering, designing, and producing high-quality American service bodies.After the work order is placed, our on-site United Truck Bodies (UTB) and Drake Equipment manufacturers get to work welding, bending, and piecing together the base of your truck body.

More than that, we have over eighty years of experience producing truck equipment and fleet solutions. What does that mean for you?

Because of our extensive manufacturing experience and our Arizona-made policy, we can truly build any utility body you need!

4. Paint and Detail

Once the base is built and welded together, we get to work sanding it down to a smooth finish.

Then, we coat everything in a rubberized undercoat. This specialized coat protects your truck body against corrosion and rust and increases the longevity of the truck body.

Interestingly, not all vehicle upfitters will apply a rubberized undercoat to their truck bodies.

Finally, we start painting the truck body. Drake Equipment has the largest paint booth in the local industry, allowing us to ensure each body is painted with precision in mind.

5. Quality Control

Vehicle Quality Control

After painting, we detail each vehicle before it leaves. We carefully inspect the body for any imperfections and reinforce any weak points with silicone seal.

After, the body is given a full cleaning and prepped for immediate use.

6. Shipment or Pickup

From the time the work order is created, a custom truck can be manufactured, detailed, and ready for shipment in 8-10 weeks. Drake Equipment has the fastest industry lead times! However, we often have standard bodies in stock, ready for shipment already. Once you order a standard body, you can expect the shipment to be even faster, usually 6-8 weeks.

We can ship your truck bed anywhere in the country and have it attached to your truck.

If you live nearby and would like to pick up your truck body, we can attach it to your vehicle on-site.

Our patented interlace structure is the most efficient way to attach a body to a truck, and it’s a mechanism you won’t find anywhere else.

Order Your Custom Upfitted Vehicle Today!

If you are thinking about upfitting your vehicle, Drake Equipment’s vehicle upfitting process can create anything you need!

At Drake Equipment, you can expect superior customer service and high-quality, locally manufactured equipment. In fact, since 1937, they’ve been making custom utility bodies, dump bodies, flatbeds, and trailers.

Contact Drake Equipment today for a custom quote or visit one of our locations!

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