5 Cargo Van Shelving Ideas to Keep Organized

An unorganized van can make your job a lot harder. It can make it challenging to locate specific tools. Some vans can even become safety hazards if the equipment is loose on the shelves or obstruct your walkway.

The proper cargo van setup allows for easy access and different removable components that allow you to bring tools with you—instead of climbing in and out of a truck, which increases the likelihood of worker fatigue during a long day.

For this reason, we’ve compiled some cargo van shelving ideas to help you stay organized!

Check Out These Cargo Van Shelving Ideas So You Can Stay Organized!

1. Use Shelf Dividers and Doors

Dividers and Doors

Shelf dividers are a great way to organize certain pieces of equipment. The best part is you can place the dividers wherever you need to accommodate your equipment.

Shelf doors come in various sizes to match the shelf lengths. They will keep your items secure and prevent equipment from falling on the floor.

2. Install Drawers


Another great shelving storage idea is to install drawers in your shelves. The drawers come in various sizes to fit any standard shelf sizes. As an option, you can use a combination of shelf dividers and doors with the drawers to create a custom storage space for your unique set of tools.

3. Purchase Shelf Bins

Shelf Bins

Shelf bins are ideal for storing smaller items, such as nuts, bolts, screws, and nails. The bins allow you to organize the different types and sizes easily. The bins come in numerous sizes and configurations to fit differently sized shelving units.

4. Organize With Cases


Like the bins, these cases help to organize smaller tools. You can purchase small cases and large cases to fit your various storage needs. Depending on where you decide to store the items, the cases may remain more secure in the interior of your van than loosely placed shelf bins. You can also take specific cases with you to a job site for quick access.

5. Add Organizational Items to the Sides of the Shelves


Now that you have the tools you need to organize your cargo van shelves, why not utilize the space on the side of the shelving unit?

For example, a hook can be useful for hanging equipment, such as an extension cord, hose, or other tools.

File holders can sit in between the driver and passenger seats or hang on the side of your shelving unit. They keep important documents and files safe and secure while you are on the job.

This first aid kit holder easily attaches to the side of your shelving unit, allowing you to keep your first aid kit out of the way and easily within reach.

Binder racks are thin shelving units that fit easily at the end of your larger shelves. This allows you to utilize all your space efficiently. The three-shelf binder rack allows you to keep important safety and reference materials within reach.

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