Best Utility Bed Accessories

Are you thinking of purchasing a custom utility bed, but don’t know what accessories you will need? Or perhaps you have a utility bed you would like to add some accessories to?

Utility bed accessories ultimately make your job much easier and more efficient.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of the most useful utility bed accessories you’ll need for your job site.

Check Out These Most Useful Utility Bed Accessories

Ladder Rack

ladder rack

Ladder racks are the most efficient way to transport ladders without taking up space in your truck bed. In other words, you have more cargo space for other materials.

Additionally, ladder racks are more secure than leaving your ladder in the bed of your truck. How? The rack locks your heavy ladder in place, so it doesn’t slide around or move during your drive.

All in all, ladder racks are a must-have utility bed accessory for anyone who uses a ladder on their job site.

Topside Tool Boxes

topside tool box

Topside toolboxes are efficient ways to maximize space and keep your truck organized.

Topside toolboxes are mounted to the top of your truck body. All toolboxes come equipped with a lock system to keep all your tools secure.

Utility Body Lift Gate

Utility Body lift Gate

Utility body lift gates allow you to lift heavy equipment into your utility bed with ease.

Loading and unloading individual equipment can take a substantial amount of time. Lift gates can support as much as 2,000 pounds, saving you time and energy when you are on the job.

Moreover, hauling materials on and off utility beds can strain people’s backs and cause injury. Lift gates thus reduce the risk of injury while lifting heavy equipment.

Telescopic Light

Telescopic Light

Does your particular job require you to work early mornings or nights?

Telescopic lights are tall lights that are typically mounted to the side of your utility bed. When you have low visibility, the telescopic light allows you to see your entire truck bed with it’s bright, illuminating glow.

These lights can be invaluable for individuals who need access to their trucks when there is low visibility outside. No more will you have to balance a flashlight in one hand while trying to locate your equipment.



Many construction work zones require trucks to remain idle while on the job, which can burn anywhere between a half a gallon to a full gallon every hour! Over the course of a year, that can cost thousands of dollars simply in gas money.

Generators save workers money on fuel consumption and lessen wear and tear on the engine. Additionally, they are an extremely cost-efficient option to have on any job site!

Drawer Units and Adjustable Shelves

Drawer Units

Drawer units and adjustable shelves are the best way to keep your utility truck organized and safe. With truck body manufacturers like Drake Equipment, each of the shelves and drawers are completely customizable, so you can choose what size drawers and shelves you want and put them where you want them. Tools are thus easily accessible and work well for your unique job.

Telescopic Roof

Telescopic Roof

Telescopic roofs cover the top of your utility body. The unique design makes it easy to access your equipment while keeping everything safe and secure. Telescopic roofs are the best utility bed accessory for protecting your equipment from bad weather conditions. Additionally, the locking mechanism prevents anyone from breaking into your truck body.

Fliptop Lids

Fliptop Lids

Fliptop lids are a great way to add extra storage to the top of your utility bed tool boxes. These lids easily open to reveal smaller compartments above your utility body. These accessories help to maximize space and allow you to organize smaller equipment.

Tail Shelf Bumper

Tail Shelf Bumpers

Tail shelf bumpers help make your utility bed more accessible. They also improve stability with their anti-slip surface. Lights are also available to place on your tail shelf bumpers.

Would You Like to Design a Completely Custom Truck Body?

If you need a utility body truck, Drake Equipment can create a custom body with any accessory you might need. Or, if you would like to purchase one of these accessories to add to your utility bed, Drake Equipment has everything you need!

Whether you want a custom truck body or a standard one, Drake Equipment has the fastest industry lead times! In fact, a custom truck can be built from scratch on-site at Drake Equipment’s Arizona location, painted, finished, and ready for shipment within eight to ten weeks! Standard truck beds have even faster lead times.

Additionally, every product undergoes a thorough quality control test before it is shipped to you.

Drake Equipment has offered customers superior service since 1937. To benefit from their extensive industry experience, get a custom quote today!

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