5 Best Power Inverters for Your Service Truck

A power inverter is an invaluable component of any well-equipped work vehicle.

Power inverters convert DC power from a vehicle battery into conventional AC power, which can be used to operate a multitude of devices, including computers and power tools.

What are the best power inverters for work trucks? Keep reading to find out which power inverter will work for your needs!

Best Power Inverter for Trucks

A note before we begin: Inverters are classified by wattage—100 to 5,000 watts. Accordingly, before choosing an inverter, you will need to survey your power usage to accurately select the power capacity of a converter.

1. THMS5000, 3000, 2000, 1500, and 1000

With a high surge, a low-noise cooling fan, and a remote control jack, you won’t find a more practical inverter on the market!

The THMS model is crafted with security and durability in mind. The THMS is equipped with electronic circuit protection to prevent excessive amounts of current or a short circuit. Additionally, it is built to last as output performance does not reduce over time as other inverters do.

Even better, there is a THMS model for all power needs—wattage ranges from 1,000 to 5,000 watts. Get the best power inverter that suits your work needs—check out the various THMS power inverters below.

2. THMS800-PPI

At a lower price, the THMS800-PPI offers flexible capabilities. Though it has a continuous output power of 800 watts, its peak power capability is 1600 watts. This model also has fuse protection, electronic circuit protection, and a full load efficiency that is greater than 85%.

3. THMS500-PPI

The THMS500-PPI is the first power inverter with remote control options. It has a continuous output power of 500 watts, with a surge power capability of 1,000 watts. Like the models before it, the THMS500-PPI comes with fuse and electronic circuit protection. In a smaller, compact box, you can save space for a fair amount of voltage with this power inverter.

4. TH200-PPI

With a continuous output power of 200 watts and a peak power capability of 400 watts, the TH200-PPI can charge smaller equipment, such as laptops. This practical power inverter is compact and has a four-foot-long cable and plug for easy use. The TH200-PPI is not suitable for heavy tools and equipment.

5. TH100-PPI

Last but not least, if you need a simple power inverter to charge small pieces of equipment, the TH100-PPI is the way to go. It has a low wattage count of 100, with a peak power of 200 watts, but comes with the same electronic circuit and fuse protection as the other inverters listed above.

Need a Power Inverter for Your Work Truck?

In the end, the power inverter you choose will simply depend on the output power you require while on the job.

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