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  Flat Beds
No one has a bigger stock or better pricing. It’s that simple. Drake provides total solutions from our most cost effective solution of flatbeds, platforms and stake bodies to custom built and rough service. When you call the experienced staff at Drake, you will be given options from wood, smooth steel, treadplate steel, aluminum with thickness and crossmember and longsill spacing that your specify to give you the solution you need. To complete our extensive product line, we also carry flatbeds by Harbor, Highway, Rugby and Tafco. 

Doing business with a local manufacturer gives you the solution you need while saving time and money. Our local manufacturing and installation technicians keeps our state working and reinvests back in our community. Our staff is ready to assist you in selecting the solution that works for you and our highly skilled technicians will install and service your equipment maximizing your return on your investment. 

Here are several pictures of platforms, stake bodies and flatbeds in numerous configurations and from different materials we have built for others. Many standard, in stock, and ready for immediate delivery and even more flatbed that were custom built for the fleet. Call the experts today to get your flatbed built your way!

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Sign Bodies


Barricade Bodies


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