Barricade Bodies

Why Should You Buy a Drake Equipment Barricade Body?

You Dream it… We Build it:

Barricade bodies that work. It’s that simple. Drake provides total solutions that are cost effective and profitable for you. We have the heaviest bodies around with proven quality for OVER 50 YEARS!

We build our barricade bodies to last; with maximized body life and durability. Our company strives to bring you the best barricade body in town! If you need any help with barricade items; such as signs, cones, traffic control equipment, etc. we can help point you in the right direction as well!

When you call the experienced staff at Drake, you will be given options from the very basic body to our Heavy Duty Line Bodies.

To complete our extensive product line, we also carry service bodies by Harbor, Pacific, UTB, and Venturo.

Check out our Product and Catalog list for more information!

Ready to have the best truck body in town?

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